Book Illustration – a first for me

Mid-year last year my gentle giant Wylie was diagnosed with bone cancer in his chin. Unfortunately the cancer was too far gone so I was managing his pain and giving him lots of love until it was time to say good bye. Needless to say this was an incredibly difficult time for me. Wylie was my child. He was born under my bed and we had bonded.

The Cat Protection Society and Peta the vet were so sensitive and supportive during this emotional journey of Wylie’s good bye. I feel Peta went above and beyond for Wylie and I. So naturally, I wanted to give something back. I offered my illustration skills to The Society and was thrilled to be asked to illustrate the children’s story writing competition they would hold later in the year.

Fast forward to last week when I won a ticket to go to the Cat Lover’s Show and I found The Cat Protection Society stall. I wandered over to ask about the book and discovered a stack of them! They had just arrived a day before. It was so exciting, and I was thrilled to see my artworks in print! Finally!

The book is a fundraiser for The Society that runs on donations. This book actually has two stories within: A Cat’s Story by Adelaide Hogan and illustrated by me and The Very Best Of Friends by Sue Moossajee and illustrated by Olivia Iacono. The book can be purchased from the Cat Protection Society website or from the shop in Greensborough, Melbourne, Australia.

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