Artist Statement

LUX: Latin for LIGHT

As a painter, printmaker and photographer, my interests and influences are varied. However, a common thread in my works is the reproduction of patterns.

Recent visits to Barcelona and Europe have heightened my interest in decorative surface treatments such as mosaics, murals, brickwork, floor tiles, stained glass, upholstery and ironwork. I am inspired by architecture, interiors and artworks from Art-Nouveau, Secessionists, Modernisme, and Jugenstill, as well as the Arts and Crafts, and Art Deco movements.

I like to use these patterns as backgrounds to watercolour portraits and also for linocut scenes. I feel that a pattern from something that is personal or related to a building imbues meaning to the artwork.

I often use recycled, hand-made materials or even discarded objects. Currently I favour Khadi paper which is handmade from recycled rags. In the past, I have used, among other things, discarded train tickets, paper bags and cigar boxes. I have chosen these materials as a reaction to our consumer-driven society and wastage.