Redhens was created for the Well Red group exhibition at MREAM Studios in 2019. I love the Redhead match boxes, and as we had just got some chickens, I thought their red face would be a humorous substitute. I used Procreate app and an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro. Scroll for additional photos of…

Facets Exhibition

In July 2014, I held my Facets-Exploring History Through Surfaces solo exhibition, at MREAM Studios. It was a collection of prints, paintings, and photo montages inspired by my travels in Barcelona, London and Paris.

Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle, 2019, digital iPad, drawing. Originally drawn for the Inktober Challenge.

Rouge Pooch

Rouge Pooch , 2018, acrylic on canvas Painted originally as a demonstration piece at a market stall